Written from Experience

Corporate Video Script Writer

The fundamental basis of all corporate videos is the script. This is the rock upon which all the other aspects of the production take their inspiration. For this reason, it’s imperative to trust the video script development to an experienced corporate video script writer who understands how to write dialogue and is familiar with the production process.

In my mind, there are two key aspects to all corporate videos - the content and the creative vision. The content is the key messages that you, as the client, would like your audience to know. The creative vision is the style of the video, which I'm happy to devise when writing the script. Alternatively, I can colloborate with the director or producer on the video style.

As an award-winning corporate video script writer, I regularly craft video scripts that fulfil the client's brief and take full advantage of the visual medium. I'm comfortable scripting all types of corporate videos including training videos, communication videos and marketing videos. I can also devise dialogue for drama-based re-enactments.

I always deliver a video script that's split into two columns for easy comparison between the visual directions and the dialogue. This way the script is ready to be broken down by a production team for filming and editing.

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