Written from Experience

Blog Writer

Traditionally, web logs or blogs for short, were primarily the domain of individuals who wanted to voice their opinion or share their thoughts through regular posts on their personal online blog page. Today, however business can benefit from posting frequent blog articles written by an experienced blog writer.

Featured as part of a company's website, a blog has significant SEO advantages, as well as providing a terrific source of information on recent trends to your clients, customers and stakeholders.

In my mind, blogs tie the World Wide Web together. By debating different issues and linking to other people’s blogs and media

publications - your blog can become part of a global discussion. And by being part of the conversation, means that you’re being noticed.

As a blog writer, I can develop the blog strategy, research ideas for the articles and write the blog content in an appropriate tone for your organisation.

Blogs work best when the posts come at regular intervals – every day would be great but no less than three times a week. The content of the articles could put forward an opinion, announce a new development or discuss new ideas.

Overall, the posts should entertain, enlighten and inform.