Written from Experience

Print Copywriter

The original form of written communication – a piece of paper filled with words and images. Although through technology, business has developed different ways to get their message out there, the need for a good old print copywriter hasn’t been made redundant quite yet.

In my mind, print is the purest form of writing. You need to convey emotion, enthusiasm and empathy through the use of the written word exclusively. Obviously these days, the design of the piece also plays a part but without well-written material, the reader will fail to be inspired.

As a print copywriter, I understand how to tailor copy for the various types of print material including traditional brochures, pitch and tender documents. I can also write press releases for companies that wish to trumpet their success to the media to generate publicity.

Additionally, you may find my services useful when producing your next PowerPoint presentation or slide show.

For feedback from satisfied clients, have a browse through my print testimonials and case studies.