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AdWords Campaigns

A Google AdWords campaign can be useful when launching a new website. They can help drive traffic immediately and generate initial interest in your online presence.

Adwords are, in reality, the opposite of organic listings, which search engine optimisation hopes to achieve. Also known as pay-per-click, they are essentially paid advertisements listed within the google search engine. Similar to the copy on your website, AdWords also use targeted keywords- a web surfer puts

relevant keywords into google and your ad appears either at the top of the page or along the right hand column.

The position of your ad relates to how much you’re prepared to pay for each click and the relevancy of the ad in relation to the web surfer’s inquiry.

Google only allows a certain amount of characters on each line, so it’s imperative to maximise the potential of your ad with a combination of persuasive content for the customer and relevancy for the search engine. As a copywriter, I can craft effective AdWords that will boost your business from day one.