Written from Experience

SEO Writer

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the overall term for a whole gamut of principles writers, designers and coders employ to help your site rank highly in search engines. The truth is that no-one can ever predict how a site will rank and no-one can make legitimate promises about how high a site will rank by employing SEO techniques. In saying this, there are sound SEO principles that can be implemented to assist in a site’s ranking.

Website content is an important factor when considering search engine optimisation or SEO. It's the copy on the page and various other written elements that the search engine robots use to assess what the page is about and therefore which websites to list organically when customers search for a particular good or service.

Web content therefore serves a

dual purpose. The first role enables search engine robots to find and rank your site, and the second is for the reader, who found your site on a search engine, to be driven into action.

As an SEO writer, I seamlessly craft web copy that successfully executes both roles. Ironically, search engine robots appreciate content that's written for the reader, more than copy

crafted to deliberately target the mathematical algorithm of the search engines. If the web content is easy-to-read for the user, then search engines will prefer it.

I believe the best way to produce a findable site on the web is by investing in quality web copy, which is written by an experienced SEO writer in an engaging style and unpinned with sound SEO principles.