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Website Design

A visually striking design is the first thing you notice on a website. If the design fails to spark your imagination, then the back button tends to be used immediately. The layout is also critical to ensure people stay on your site because web surfers enjoy navigating sites with ease.

As a web copywriter, I work closely with web designers, user experience experts and developers; all who specialise in producing visually-engaging websites with logical navigation and if required sophisticated functionality. The talented designers can also create appropriate branding for your business that can be used

not just on your website, but across all your visual platforms. They are at the very cutting edge of online technology and are more than happy to utilise this knowledge for your benefit.

While we advocate the written content as the most important factor regarding SEO, it is important to remember that

design and coding elements also affect how your site ranks in search engines. Our developers understand SEO techniques from the coding perspective to maximise your site's ranking.

Why not send us an email, and let our design team re-invigorate your site?