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Top 10 Tips for Writing a Great Corporate Blog Article

As the blogosphere continues to mature, audiences continually demand a higher degree of professionalism in the blog articles published by companies. Here are my top ten tips for writing a great corporate blog article.

Focus the discussion
One blog article equals one discussion topic. Prior to writing anything, decide on the one essential point of the whole article and use that thought to guide the introduction.

Be decisive
Don’t be afraid of asserting an opinion on a topic.

Tie in topical events
Consider the publication date of the article and tie in topical events such as the season, festivals, holidays etc.

Use section headings
Doesn’t this page look great with section headings? They break up the web page and make it easy for the reader.

Know your audience
Write the article using an appropriate style and tone for the target audience.

Link to media reports
If appropriate, link to a reputable media outlet that has covered a topical story relating to your blog post.

Never use an exclamation mark
Your writing should be expressive without the need for superfluous punctuation.

Written numbers
Numbers between one and ten should be written in full. All numbers 11 and above should be written in their numeral form, except if they begin a sentence. Additionally never use the per cent symbol.

Delete concluding paragraphs
Conclusions are for high school essays. Blog articles shouldn’t conclude the discussion; they should spark further debate and consideration.

Read the draft out loud
By doing so, you’ll hear if your expression is a little wonky. Writing is a refinement process, so always look for ways of expressing your arguments with brevity.

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