Written from Experience

The Freelance Copywriter

Working as a freelance copywriter allows exposure to a range of industries and organisations. While working in-house offers the opportunity to bounce ideas with other writers. Both forms of employment are essential for a great copywriter.

As an experienced copywriter, I believe it’s vital to continually develop my skills. And I think the best way to do this is by working both as a freelance copywriter and an in-house writer – they mutually support each other.

As a freelance writer I have the freedom to work with many different organisations on a variety of projects across multiple platforms. I love the range and diversity of work that comes my way as a freelancer. It’s great to chat with different people about their business and hear their goals for growth. I can also work from wherever I have my laptop – be it my office, a coffee shop or dare I say it, the local park. The scenery is constantly changing, which inspires great copy.

On the other hand, working as a dedicated in-house copywriter within a corporate environment gives me the opportunity to work closely with other writers and to bounce ideas around with them. There are also other teams including SEO experts, designers and coders who regularly bring different ideas to the table. Therefore, my skills and knowledge base are being continually expanded within a corporate environment.

As a writer, I appreciate both worlds and believe that by working both in-house and as a freelance copywriter ensures that I’m always aware of the latest developments. Furthermore, my skills are constantly challenged and honed.

Within my freelance projects, I work closely with other talented creatives who similarly work both in-house and freelance including animator David Benhamou, art director Kevin Bathman and SEO expert, Georgie Hope.

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