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Web Testimonials

As a versatile copywriter, I’ve written web content for many different industries. The following testimonials and case studies showcase just some of my website work.

Flight Centre

Blog Articles

I devised a strategy for the Flight Centre blog that grew traffic to the section in the first year by over 500 per cent and by an additional 200 per cent in the second year. I wrote a mix of first-hand travel experience articles, interview-based pieces, news stories and research-based stories - all to inspire travel to great destinations.


Website copy

This outdoor power equipment brand required a website copy refresh to further enhance the name Sanli as a supplier of durable domestic power products. General Manager Robert Tasso said, “With minimal briefing, Lyndon rejuvenated the description of our products and general web copy. He crafted content that is easily-readable, subtly-persuasive and blended with our existing tone.”

As a leading recruitment agency, Lloyd Harrington elected to overhaul their current site and replace it with a slick and highly functional website. CEO Chris Grant-Foster said, “The day we went live, traffic to the site tripled! Lyndon wrote copy that effectively positioned our agency against our competitors. And with quality copy, we were swamped with clients and candidates. He worked effortlessly with a designer and developer to produce a website that we’re proud to use as a marketing tool.”

UNSW Global Pty Limited

Consulting and Expert Opinion Services

Website copy

As a business group of UNSW Global Pty Limited, a wholly owned enterprise of the University of New South Wales, Consulting and Expert Opinion Services required persuasive copy that was personal yet direct in tone. Senior Marketing Manager Peter Coady said, “Many thanks for your hard work. Your contribution was excellent as you enhanced the professional content of the new website and saved my team a lot of time and energy"

Corporate Traveller

Blog Articles

I wrote travel news analysis articles to keep business travellers informed of trends in corporate travel. Each article featured original interviews with key players in the travel industry - with the ultimate aim of providing Corporate Traveller’s clients with a greater understanding of travel news relevant to their requirements.


Website copy

As an international freight forwarder, Avion required one centralised website that effectively spoke to a global community - clearly stating the key points that set Avion apart from their competitors. I wrote plain English copy that successfully positioned Avion as a major player that continues to maintain a personalised approach to customer service.


Blog Articles

This strata management firm required journalism-style blog articles written weekly to provide their clients with relevant information on living in a strata-titled property. Business Development Manager Jeremy Stone said, “Lyndon's great at taking quite complex ideas and translating them into a readable format that our clients appreciate.”

Groupon Australia

Website copy

The original daily deals site and according to Forbes Magazine the fastest growing company in corporate history, Groupon launched in Australia in February 2011. To distinguish this website from the competitors, I was required, as an in-house copywriter, to write the web-based editorial description of the deals in the same quirky, off-beat style as developed by the American creative teams.

This leading college in North Sydney, who offers diploma courses to both international and local students, required a complete website content overhaul. The challenge was to craft the language to inspire potential overseas students without isolating locals also interested in studying at AIPE. The copy I wrote was easy-to-read and inspirational in tone.

Arctic Blue

Website copy

This promotional merchandise agency required content for a new website that reflected their highly-personalised approach to business. Managing Director, Aaron McKinnon said, “Lyndon struck a chord with his infectious personality - an energy that I hoped would be emulated on my website. My brief was to devise copy that was slightly off-centre without alienating my traditional clients. What Lyndon delivered was beyond my expectations.”

This boutique architectural firm required web copy that demonstrated their experience as architects, while at the same time was easily understood by the lay client. Principal Philip Abram said, “I was particularly impressed how Lyndon was able to absorb the core competitive advantages of our firm and translate this information effectively and efficiently for our website. He struck the balance effortlessly between architectural jargon and common speak.”


Blog Articles

This call tracking provider wanted to provide its customers with practical ideas on how to make the most of the data that the software collects. I wrote blog articles targeted at marketers - so that they can gain additional insights that will directly affect their optimisation decisions.

Sweet Dr


This confectionery venture required an original and dynamic angle to effectively position themselves, in what is essentially a very traditional concept: selling sweets and confectionery. I developed a character around the brand and created a back story. I also devised quirky names for the individual products to keep the consumer smiling all the way to check out.

This start-up fitness company required original web copy that spoke directly to the target audience for each different service. Owner Paolo Baja said, “Lyndon effortlessly wrote copy that hit the mark across the site. He is flexible, creative and a pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge of website development, SEO and how to drive traffic to the site was also really helpful.”

To take the business into the next stage of growth, Ranald Kogan requested a website overhaul and complete re-write. I positioned the painting company as one that remains true to its personable, honest family roots, despite its current formidable size and purchasing power. I took the website from zero presence in search engines to number one for important keywords.


Website copy

As civil engineering contractors launching a new firm and therefore a new website, the team at Civilcraft required hard-hitting punchy writing that went to straight to the point. My challenge was to successfully blend engineering terminology with easy-to-read plain English so that the site invites reference from both professionals and everyday individuals.

This timber repair company required original web copy that positioned them as a quality service provider. Owner Jason Walz said, “I was astonished when only a couple of weeks after the site going live, it ranked impressively on search engines with so many pertinent keywords. Lyndon delivered engaging copy that also allowed the site to rank from day one.”

Cosmetic Laser Beam

Website copy and SEO

Hair removal is a highly competitive industry especially on the web. Within two weeks of the re-write, the site was ranking highly. Salon owner Sacha said, “Lyndon was completely honest with me, explaining the process thoroughly. At no point, did he promise a number one spot. It was to my absolute delight that that is exactly what he delivered for some keywords.”

Le Bouquet Francais (LBF)

Google Adwords Campaign

LBF is a cable television channel broadcasting the best of French language programs. Their current google adwords campaign was failing to reach its targets but the company were unaware how to generate increased interest. I over-hauled the existing campaign and devised a new logically-structured campaign based on researched keywords. As a result the average cost per click from the google display network reduced from $0.72 to $0.68 and with more effective advertisments the quality of leads was much hotter than experienced previously.

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