Written from Experience

Social Media Writer

In under a decade social media has exploded. Entire generations receive the latest news in their facebook feed, scroll twitter for the hottest gossip and engage with images on instragram. Marketing products and services through social media can be highly profitable providing it's done effectively by an experienced social media writer.

Flicking through a facebook newsfeed first thing in the morning, logging on to twitter to catch up on who’s doing what, browsing through youtube to check out the latest viral videos – this is interaction with social media. But as a business, how do you harness this consumer behaviour to get your message out there?

I view social media as a unique communication platform that requires a distinctive, targeted approach and a tailored writing style. For the same reason that it’s important to adapt the copy when writing for the web, print and video – it’s also essential that content written for social media websites is crafted to maximise its effectiveness.

Overall, these platforms are extensions of an organisation's personality. They allow your branding messages to shine through and most importantly facilitate direct interaction between you and your customers. With a dedicted SM writer, you can spark conversations on social media sites that promote your brand messages.