Written from Experience

Tender Document Writer

Tender and pitch documents require persuasive copy that argues your case effectively and convincingly. Sometimes there’s a published treatment, selection criteria or specified questions that need to be addressed. On other occasions, it’s a free flowing discussion with little guidance. Either way, a tender or pitch document needs to be approached strategically.

Applying to an organisation for financial support or partnership is part of modern business. These days, however, you may be competing against other companies who are equally capable of fulfilling the brief. What will set you apart from the competition is a well-thought

through, logical tender document that presents your points of discussion succinctly.

As a tender document writer, I can shape arguments into a highly strategic conversation by manipulating your key messages. Of equal importance is the layout

of the page - once I’ve shaped the content, I can lay the copy onto the document so that it looks impressive.

The ultimate aim is to present your company in the best possible light using well written arguments.