Written from Experience

Print Testimonials

As an experienced writer, I’ve written print copy for a variety of different publications and purposes. The following testimonials and case studies showcase just some of my print work.


Feature Articles

The Arts, Entertainment & Comedy Department of ABC TV required feature articles highlighting the lesser known anecdotes behind the Department's programming. I wrote articles on At The Movies, Spicks and Specks, a triple j tv director, the gaming show Good Game, a review of the first year of jtv and the Department's youth initiatives. I also wrote newsletters to promote ABC TV's arts programming.

Nillumbik Shire Council

PowerPoint Presentation

Nillumbik Shire Council developed a local community initiative called the RECHARGE Scheme. The Council were invited interstate by the Australian Centre of Social Innovation to deliver a presentation. Council's Coordinator of MetroAccess and Inclusion Angela Lampard said, “Overall, Lyndon developed a highly creative concept for the presentation that really hit the mark. He developed images that complemented our narrative and structured the presentation to maximise its persuasive power. I was very happy.”

BSE Inquiry

Government Inquiry, UK

The British Government commissioned an inquiry to analyse the outbreak and assess the impact of BSE or mad cow's disease on the UK between 1986 and 1996. I was part of the writing team who drafted the inquiry. Team Leader, Mark Stevens said, "Lyndon demonstrated skill in absorbing and analysing a wealth of widely scattered and often contradictory oral and written evidence, and thereafter rendering a coherent and balanced presentation of the evidence for the report."

Sydney Star Observer

Feature Column

International Star examined different country’s societal acceptance, legislative reforms and community infrastructure as experienced by ex-pats living in Sydney. The 70 articles became the most read column in the paper. It was also the most discussed amongst online forums and attracted the highest number of in-bound links, which is very good SEO. The column spawned several feature articles for ninemsn, SSO and NZ's Express.

Evolutionary Water Concepts

PowerPoint Presentation

As a consultancy business to help government, companies and individuals make more efficient use of water, Evolutionary Water Concepts required a powerpoint presentation for a series of high level discussions they organised for a Chinese business trip. By constructing a strong narrative flow, starting with an anecdotal example from their success in outback South Australia, I persuasively established how the techniques employed by EWC were of global significance.


Press Release

This telephony company approached Lynce to craft engaging press releases celebrating their business achievements. Delacon’s CTO, Michael Center said, “I was truly impressed with the degree of professionalism the company demonstrated. Lyndon quickly grasped the relatively complicated telephony jargon and turned it into an engaging press release for the lay person to understand. And the press certainly responded favourably.”

In Her Own Words

Press Release

To launch a landmark exhibition remembering Malaysian visionary Yasmin Ahmad across several countries, visual artist Kevin Bathman required a press release that would attract broad media attention. “I was over-whelmed with the press coverage and interest,” said Kevin. “The release helped me enormously to promote the exhibition and I’m very appreciative of your help. You encapsulated everything beautifully in the release.”

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