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Corporate Video Testimonials

As a skilled writer, I've created corporate video scripts for many different industries. The following testimonials and case studies showcase just some of my video work.

The Westpac Group

Corporate Training Video

Arranged in conjunction with Online Learning Australia, The Westpac Group required 120 minutes of original video that comprehensively addressed all aspects of health and safety and compliance. There were 24 modules, each with a different creative concept. Director Rami Fischler said, “Lyndon never ceases to amaze me with the speed, accuracy and precision that he crafts the video scripts. He takes the content and effectively blends it with a creative vision to produce a working script.”

The videos received three awards at the LearnX E-Learning and Training Awards 2011 - winning platinum for Best Use of Video in a Training Program and received gold for Best Online Learning Solution and Best Partnership in a Training Program. The series also won the 2012 Brandon Hall eLearning Excellence Award for best custom content, the 2011 AITD eLearning Achievement Award and the 2011 Victorian eLearning Award for Corporate eLearning.


Television Advertisement

This major hotel group wanted a television ad that profiled the key features of booking and managing room reservations online. Based on the success of the advertisement, Accor asked me to write an inspirational video that would be used as part of a major roadshow promotional tour, an internal branding video, a presentation to excite management about the revenue potential of the Accor website, a presentation that demonstrated the importance of social media on the organisation and an internal video that showed what the organisation was doing to assist guests at every point of the travel cycle.

Flight Centre

Promotional Videos

When Flight Centre wanted to embark on producing branded destination videos for the first time they called me to draft the scripts. These videos, which are both educational and inspirational, serve as an overall snapshot of what to see and do at 50 key destinations around the world including Edinburgh, London, Fiji, Sydney and Phuket.

Paparazzi Mobile Studio

Web Promotional Video

To launch this new photographic craze in Australia, Paparazzi required a web video that clearly explained the concept and encouraged people to use the studio. Business partners Howard Symington and Craig Lockyer required an informative, yet highly engaging script that enthused the viewer, inspiring them to request further detail from the function venue.


Corporate Training Video

St.George required a training video that provided staff with clear instruction on branch security. I converted the official manuals into an engaging script that blended presenter dialogue and drama-based re-enactments seamlessly together. Director Johnny Lopez said, “Lyndon has a unique skill in humanising even the most complicated and, let’s be honest sometimes the dullest subject matter into something that’s both entertaining and insightful that will help your client best deliver their message in a visual medium. An asset to any production.”


Instructional Video

TAFE NSW engaged Online Learning Australia to develop an online resource for the Diploma of Nursing. I wrote two videos: the first purely procedural, instructing students on key nursing procedures and the second was drama-based. The Project Manager, Di Dawbin from TAFE said, “Lyndon has a particular talent for picking up on exactly what we wanted to convey, considering he had never encountered nursing terminology or practices previously. He was flexible, responsive and always met our tight timelines.”

Commonwealth Bank

Promotional Corporate Video

The Commonwealth Bank requested an inspiring promotional video that trumpeted their success as a leading Australian financial institution. Producer Vanessa Smith said, “With literally one day’s notice, Lyndon listened intently to the project's requirements and focused his thoughts to meet my tight production deadline by crafting a video script that matched the creative vision seamlessly. His dialogue instilled gravitas to the key messages, allowing them to shine through with power and conviction.”

NSW Department of Education

Corporate Training Video

As technology proliferates, cyber bullying has developed as an insidious threat to the safety and security of students; a phenomenon that has the power to lead to tragedy. The Department of Education required an instructional training video to inspire teachers into action. The video needed to convince staff that cyber bulling is real and it’s up to them to provide an environment that minimises the prevalence of bullying and equip teachers with tools to combat the harassment when it occurs. In between the key messages I scripted fictional accounts featuring teenagers; to humanise the issues and highlight the underlying message that kids deserve protection.

Nutino Hazelnut Spread

Cinema Advertisement

The manufacturers of this Italian-made hazelnut spread wanted to increase their profile in Australia. They choose cinema advertising as the most appropriate platform. The challenge with this project was to simplify the key messages into 15 seconds, while at the same time keeping the advertisement fun and entertaining.

P&O Automotive and General Stevedoring (POAGS)

Corporate Training Video

Wharves present a high risk environment for employees. POAGS recognised the importance of ensuring their staff work safely and commissioned safety training videos that cover all aspects of working as a stevedore. OH&S Manager Belinda Flynn said, "Lyndon made the process so easy. He took our safety manuals and transformed them into a video script that hit the nail firmly on the head. I was delighted, yet amazed, with the quality he produced with minimal briefing and within our time frame."

National Disability Awards

Recipients' Video Package

Organised through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to recognise those who advocate for people with disability, this annual presentation night required voice-over to accompany the recipients’ video packages. Producer Greg Eaton from Horizon Communication Group said, “I’ve been producing award ceremonies for the Australian Government for over a decade and Lyndon is one of the best writers I’ve encountered. His scripts were spot-on, approved virtually as submitted, by the client. Thank you Lyndon for making my life easier. Great work.”

ProVision Group

Promotional Corporate Video

ProVision engaged my services to create a script that explained what the company does and how they can assist future clients. Account Manager, Jade Macready said, “I love what you've done with the draft. You're great at what you do - so thanks for trying so hard to understand where we are coming from. It's encouraging to know there are talented people out there that can help to make it all come together.”

Le Rêve

Promotional Video

As a multi-million dollar direct-selling organisation, Le Rêve is always on the look out for new consultants and therefore required a promotional video to inspire women to join the Le Rêve family. My challenge was to draft a video script that appealed to Gen Y, without isolating older generations. Le Rêve Founding Director, Phil Hobby said, “I really love the script. You've hit the nail on the head where it most counts. It's tight, bouncy and positive - great job, and thanks for pushing it through in a week.”

Device Technologies

Promotional Corporate Video

This supplier of state-of-the-art medical equipment required a promotional video to trumpet their 20 year anniversary in business. While celebrating this impressive milestone, the company also wanted to use the video to inspire new clients to purchase their products. The challenge was to craft a script that balanced the two objectives, without isolating either goal, adding equal weight to the company’s history, their present success and the future ambitions.

Bankstown Sports Club

Corporate Training Video

This entertainment venue required an informative training video that clearly explained to staff the customer service policy across different areas of the club including the car park, reception, restaurants, bars and gaming floor. I scripted dramatic situations that could arise in each of the locations as employees serve fictional patrons. Each module was topped and tailed by an omnipotent presenter who drew attention to the key aspects of the interaction.

Thomas Hassall Anglican College

Promotional Video

This private school located in Sydney's south-west wanted to build on their impressive growth since first opening a decade ago. The Principal thought an inspirational video broadcast in the local shopping centres would be the ideal platform. I crafted a video script that targeted parents, focusing on the quality education their children would receive by enrolling them at Thomas Hassall.

PJ Gallagher's EQ

Big Screen Advertisement

With a captive audience attending the football at the nearby stadium, this popular Irish pub wanted a big screen ad to encourage spectators to head across to the Moore Park Entertainment Quarter after the game to catch up with friends.

Leading Edge Helicopters

Promotional Online Video

This Queensland-based company needed a video that both demonstrated why helicopters are the most effective way to maintain and install power lines, and why Leading Edge are the best company to carry out the work. The biggest challenge was to break down the highly technical information into a video script that can be followed by everyone.


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