Written from Experience

Your Competitive Advantage

The core of your website content in my mind is derived from, in marketing speak, your competitive advantage. This is your point-of-difference from your competitors. It's what makes your business different, better, greater than what your competition is offering.

When devising the content for your website, you may not have considered what makes your business unique. Positioning and branding your business effectively can take many different forms. Consider these:

  • Maybe your product is fresher because it’s made on-site.
  • Maybe you’re cheaper, because you buy in bulk.
  • Maybe convenience is the main factor, because of your location.
  • Maybe it’s your experience, because you’ve been doing it a long time.
  • Perhaps it’s quality, because you only sell the best.
  • It could be your personalised customer service
  • Maybe it’s a combination of the above.

Positioning your business effectively, not only sets you apart from your competition, but also tells your customers or clients, why they should buy your products or use your services. As a web copywriter, I use the competitive advantage of an organisation as the basis of the web content.


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