Written from Experience

What are you actually selling?

When writing the content for your website, brochure or for other promotion material it’s important to pose the question: What are you actually selling?

This may sound rather silly, because you might say, it’s obvious. But is it? Take a pillow for example. If I posed the question what are you actually selling? Then you may hit me over the head with that pillow and let feathers fly everywhere. But is that what you’re actually selling from a marketing and positioning perspective?

As a copywriter, when I’m positioning businesses or writing product descriptions, this is the one question I pose to myself. For our humble pillow, the answer might be a good night’s sleep or firm ergonomic neck support.

What you’re actually selling could deliver an emotion, the benefits of using the product, how much easier your life would be or the end result after using the product or service. When you position your business or merchandise in this manner, then it makes it easier for your customers to understand why they should buy your products.

When crafting copy for websites, I always consider what the products or services deliver for the end user.


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