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The Website Tone - An Important Consideration

The tone of a website is the feeling you want conveyed. It’s how you want your reader to feel about you and your products or services.

I believe the tone is dictated by two elements: your target audience or who you’re talking to and the way you position your business. As a web copywriter, it’s my job to understand your audience and how you want your audience to see you.

Take this for example. A newly-established personal training and fitness company required original content for their website. It was my job to create a uniform style throughout the whole site, but at the same time ensure the tone of each page spoke directly to the audience for that particular service.

The website actually has 11 different target audiences. The page focusing on corporate fitness needs to engage CEO’s, Bridal Bootcamps need to inspire young brides and Stop Smoking Start Living should encourage individuals to quit smoking. Each page has a completely different target audience and it was my job to speak directly to each market demographic.

Have a read through these:

Example One
A company’s greatest asset is their staff. So why not ensure your employees are fit and healthy with Fit4it corporate fitness training sessions?

There is substantial evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, which demonstrates that employees who are physically active are more engaged, proactive and perform better in the workplace.  Health and exercise regimes have been proven to increase staff productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Example Two
The date has been set for your special day. The one day when you deserve to look and feel great. It’s your wedding day. At Fit4it we want to share your excitement, your anticipation and your special moment. We want to help you and your bridal team to look your best.

That’s why we’ve developed a specialised bridal bootcamp to help you prepare, not just for the big day but provide you with essential information on exercise and nutrition to propel you forward into the next chapter of your life.

Example Three
We understand how hard it can be. You really want to quit but you never seem to kick it for good.

That’s why we’ve developed a Stop Smoking Start Living Health Retreat. We want you to consider this weekend as a turning point in your life. Think of our experienced trainers and speakers as a catalyst, who will inspire, motivate and enthuse you to change your life for the better.

As you can see the style or tone of each example is different. Because with each service I’m talking to a different group of people. In example one, I’m talking to Senior Management, so I kept the tone very direct, straight-to-the-point. I wanted to impart the key messages succinctly, with a minimum of fuss.

On the other hand, in example two, because I’m addressing a very excited bride, I can be a little more flowery, emotional in the copy. I can enthuse and be excited for them as they approach their wedding. For  example three, I’m talking to people addicted to smoking, so the tone is encouraging, almost inspirational - by using the services of the personal trainer, they will change their lives for the better.

Tone should never be taken for granted and is intrinsic to your positioning and branding.

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