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Top 10 Tips for Writing a Great Travel Blog Article

Good travel blog articles should capture the reader's imagination and transport them to the destination topic at hand. Here are my top ten tips for writing a great travel blog article.

Find a unique angle
Come up with a different spin on an existing travel discussion.

Avoid clichés
No one cares if this was your trip of a lifetime.

Keep the tone light
A highly conversational tone works best for travel writing but maintain a sense of authority.

Be specific
Avoid rambling generalisations - be precise about the travel destination and keep it tight and punchy.

Avoid itinerary lists
Yes we know you did the tour – but tell us the special moments or anecdotes from the holiday.

Be decisive
Don’t be afraid of asserting an opinion on a destination.

Publish the article when appropriate
Travel is seasonal so publish travel articles at the appropriate time of year.

Use section headings
Doesn’t this page look great with section headings? They break up the web page and make it easy for the reader.

Link to booking information
Include a link to where the reader can book travel to the destination discussed.

Read the draft out loud
By doing so, you’ll hear if your expression is a little wonky. Writing is a refinement process, so always look for ways of expressing your arguments with brevity.

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