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Top 10 Tips for Writing a Great Social Media Post

As social media continues to dominate marketing strategies, crafting a killer social media post is becoming more and more important. Here are my top ten tips for writing a great social media post.

One post, one idea
Keep each post to one topic.

Be original
Find a unique spin on an existing topic

Offer content
Social media isn’t an advertising platform, it’s a content platform. So offer a thought or a point of discussion.

Keep it snappy and precise
Twitter has a limit of 140 characters – try to keep to this for facebook and google+.

Tie in topical events
Consider the timing of the post and tie in topical events such as the season, festivals, holidays and news stories.

Have one call-to-action
Make sure there is a clear call-to-action at the end of the post.

Include an image
Use a complementary image to the post's theme or create tension by placing a juxtaposing image.

If you invite comments (and you definitely should), participate actively in the discussion.

Use a friendly tone
Banish jargon – keep the tone of your posts light, conversational and friendly.

Read the post out loud before pressing post
By doing so, you’ll hear if your expression is a little wonky. 

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