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The Home Page and About Page

The Home Page and About Page feature on every website, so it's important to maximise their impact for your benefit.

The Home Page is generally the first page customers will see and the central page to which everyone returns. It must spark the user’s imagination and hold their attention, inspiring them to explore more of your website.

From a copywriting perspective, I see the home page as the page which outlines the overall ideas, thoughts and points of difference for the business. It should offer the motherhood statements for the company. I believe in resisting the urge to over-complicate the homepage. 

The About Page on the other hand, as a website copywriter, I think should feature a fact-based description of the business. I use this page as a validation of the experience and expertise of the business and its staff. It should contain historical information of the business and might even point to directions in the future.

Have a read of this example I wrote for a casual mall leasing outfit who recently broke into the Australian market.

The Home Page
At Centrespace we streamline the process for businesses wishing to promote their products effectively in venues with high foot traffic. As such Centrespace is Australia’s leading agency between venues offering casual mall leasing or promotional space, and promoters wishing to take advantage of these unique marketing opportunities.

By centrally administering promotional spaces across the country, we are able to achieve a greater degree of efficiency. The Centrespace team successfully balance the requirements of the promoters, with those of the venues to ensure an equitable, mutually-beneficial and profitable scenario for all.

The About Page
Since the company’s inception on the Australian market, Centrespace’s perseverance and professionalism has positioned itself as the leading broker between venue management and promoters.

Centrespace was established by a successful UK promotional management company to specialise in the coordination of casual leasing. Our team have in excess of 15 years experience working in casual mall leasing, shopping centre management and marketing. Therefore we have an intimate understanding of the industry from all sides and can guarantee a first rate professional service for both the venue and our client.

For venue management, our experienced team strive to ensure revenue is maximised with high occupancy rates and every booking meets your approval. For promoters, our team ensure your booking meets your objectives thus maximising a return on investment.

You can see how the home page outlines the business objectives succinctly, highlighting the benefits for their customers and the About Page validates their experience at delivering on the promise outlined on the home page.

In differentiating the Home Page and the About Page in this way, I'm avoiding unnecessary repetition, making sure that each page has fresh information for the reader. I believe these two pages work in tandem and should compliment each other.


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