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The Keywords - An Essential Element in SEO Web Copywriting

As we all know, to find a business or a service provider on the web - you go to a search engine such as google or yahoo, and enter relevant keywords into that search engine to find the business that you’re looking for.

As a business owner, who'd like to compete effectively on the web, it’s important that the keywords web surfers enter into search engines enable your website to rank.

As an SEO writer, I believe that the keywords chosen as the basis of the SEO on your website is not a random exercise. Before writing web content, I research the volume of people putting certain keywords into search engines for an accurate measurement of keyword success. There is no point, SEOing a website with keywords that no one is using to find that service. It is disadvantageous for your website to rank number one for a keyword phrase if nobody is actually using that phrase in a search engine.

I believe in leveraging off both competitive and non-competitive keywords. Competitive keywords are keywords that many people are targeting for their site and many people are using to find that company. Non-competitive keywords, on the other hand, are used by fewer people to find that business. By targeting both competitive and non-competitive keywords ensures a good cross section of keywords are covered.

I've also noticed that where a business draws local customers, it's a good idea to SEO the site for the keyword and the suburb.

Take a cosmetic hair removal company for example.

If you put these keywords into google they all appear either number one or at least on the first page of google:

  • Skin Needling Chatswood
  • Microdermabrasion Chatswood
  • Laser Hair Removal Chatswood

The logic behind this SEO strategy is that if you live within the Chatswood commercial catchment and would like these services - the likelihood is that you'd put the keyword and the suburb into the search engine.

As a web copywriter, I view my job to seamlessly weave the keywords throughout the copy so that your customers don't spot the keywords, but the search engines robots will use them to rank your website for the products and services that you offer.


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