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Blog Articles - The Journalist Approach

Including informative blog articles on a corporate website is a great way to keep clients informed of developments in your industry - but consider using the journalist approach to publish more authoritative articles.

As an experienced blog writer, I think it's a great idea to take blog articles one step further and incorporate journalistic practise. Take this strata agency as an example. The company's manager approached me to write articles about strata living and strata management. This is part of an article on the restriction of hard surface flooring in apartment blocks.

Depending upon the construction of the building, the use of floating floors and acoustic underlays may provide the necessary insulation.

Renzo Tonin & Associates is a national firm of acoustic consultants who are experts in this field.

“We are continually involved in giving expert evidence in legal disputes between owners, one having installed hard surfaces and the other claiming the noise is unacceptable,” said Renzo Tonin.

“Once the floor is installed, the owners’ positions become entrenched and it becomes very difficult to mediate a settlement.  Therefore, it’s my advice to owners to make all necessary inquiries prior to installing hard floors and to get appropriate advice before committing to purchase.”

Rather than simply writing an informative description, I suggested interviewing another business that The Strata Agency works with regularly. In this way, the articles are written with an additional sense of authority because the experts handling that particular area of strata living are quoted. In doing so I'm including journalistic precision in the articles.

This is also really good SEO because I'm including a link to the other company’s website and link building is always important.

In terms of branding for the strata company, I established that the overall question answered by these articles is that - The Strata Agency doesn’t simply inform people of the regulations and requirements regarding strata living but their company provides solutions for their clients. By writing the articles from this perspective, it gave them more bite and helped cement the company’s marketing position.


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