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Connect to Your Customers

I’m always on the lookout for ways to connect businesses with their customers easily and efficiently.

We’ve already seen how skype and VoIP have turned the web into a vocal communication tool. As a business, there are ways of further using web technologies to your advantage. Take this web device as an example.

Called the click-to-call or touch-to-talk, this web technology makes it easier for potential customers to contact you. Rather than punching your number into a telephone, the customer types their number into an icon on your website. Within seconds both your phone and your customer’s phone rings. Simple, easy and effective. Once connected it’s up to your reps to make the sale.

The touch-to-talk can connect to your existing IVR. And as a website copywriter, if you need a new IVR script written, I can certainly help you with that. I regularly write both touch-tone and voice prompt IVR systems.

Delacon, an innovative telephony company, specialises in blending telephone and web technologies together for the benefit of business. Delacon continues to find new ways of exploiting the online world and offers the touch-to-talk at very competitive call rates.

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