Written from Experience

Video Promotion

The web is made up of different forms of content. To me written, graphic, audio and video are all legitimate forms of content that together create a vibrant and interesting virtual world.

Importantly, you can use the different content elements to both promote your product or service on the web and also to drive traffic to your website.

Take this as an example. I wrote television scripts for a children’s production called All for Kids, broadcast on Network 7 and Nickelodeon. The video content is therefore already cut. During the closing credits of each episode we ran bloopers from that episode: perfect for a youtube audience who can’t seem to get enough of kids being kids.

I uploaded six of the best bloopers to youtube with keywords such as kids television, children’s television, kids being kids. Here are two examples of the clips: example one and example two. Obviously this is a promotional tool for the program. But importantly, I also directed people to the website of the production company in the description of the text, in order to drive traffic to the business website.

In this case, the video was already cut, so it was easy to upload to youtube. Where you don’t have video content, as a script writer I work closely with cameramen and editors skilled at delivering video content for your benefit. 

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