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Video Cameras

Video content now dominates the online world. Video sits hand in hand with written and graphic content. For those wanting to produce video themselves but prefer a better look than just a mobile phone recorded sequence, there are affordable options available.

Courtesy of youtube, facebook and myspace anyone can publish video content providing they have the equipment to produce it.

To cater for the online video revolution, manufacturers now offer video cameras specifically designed for the everyday Joe Blogger. They are generally compact, inexpensive and have the seamless ability to download raw footage to a computer. Some even come with their own editing software for a more professional finish.

Take The Flip for example. Astonishingly simple to use, the built-in USB connection goes straight into the computer for editing on the included software.

Sony’s answer is the aptly named ‘Bloggie.’ No guesses which market they’re going after. The formal code is MHSPM5K Mobile MP4 HD Camera. Again built-in USB connection, ultra light, fresh colours. This device even has a swivel lens for bloggers obsessed with filming themselves.  

On the other hand, Sanyo is marketing their offering as a combination VPC-CS1 Full HD 1080 Video and 8MP Digital Camera. Promoted to complement Windows, the video files can be played directly with Windows Media Player and edited using Windows Live Movie Marker.

The PICSIO HD Pocket Camera, manufactured by JVC, again focuses on the ease of recording, viewing and uploading. At only 95 grams it’s feather light for convenience and ease of shooting.

For the business owner keen to promote their website and business, these devices make the ideal solution.

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