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Corporate Videos to Prevent Workplace Bullying

The recent sexual harassment suit between the retailing giant David Jones and their former publicist, Kirsty Fraser-Kirk has thrown the spot light onto bullying and sexual harassment in the work place.

We all know that sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. Probably every company in Australia has a written policy stating as such and details on how to handle the situation if you believe that you’re a target of bullying while at work or at a work function.

Mark McInnes resigned as CEO of David Jones in response to allegations of sexual harassment. Kirsty Fraser-Kirk, not content with the resignation of such a high profile scalp is seeking damages from McInnes and the David Jones Board because, "I said it wasn't OK, because I said that this should never happen to me or to anyone. I just wanted to be treated with respect," she said during a press conference outside her Sydney home.

The media reported that Fraser-Kirk’s boss allegedly said, “Next time that happens, you just need to be very clear and say ‘no Mark’ and he’ll back off.”

I haven’t seen David Jones’ policy for dealing with unwanted sexual advances but I think it’s quite safe to say that the policy wouldn’t include such advice. Possibly there was a disconnect between the established policy and staff’s awareness of the appropriate procedures. Everyone in the company, regardless of the individual's position, is subject to the same bullying procedures.

Written policies are one thing and they may be easily available on company's intranet site. However a well scripted, engaging corporate video has the ability to impart key messages clearly and effectively, and can deliver high information retention rates for employees.

As a corporate video script writer, I write videos informing staff of the boundaries around acceptable work behaviour and how to effectively deal with the situation in the event that you believe you’re the subject of discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment. The video could also explain how to deal with the situation if you witness sexual harassment taking place.

The process for writing the video script is relatively straight forward. I absorb your procedures direct from the manuals and discuss a possible creative treatment with the video director. I then write the script to make sure the key messages regarding sexual harassment shine through.

All employees have the right to work without unwarranted sexual attention and bullying. And the best way to make sure that all employees are aware of the situation is with a corporate video. If you would like a corporate video script written dealing with bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination, don’t hesitate to contact Lyndon at Lynce.

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