Written from Experience

Tender Documents

Official tender documents need to position your organisation as a professional outfit capable of delivering on the tender offered.

When I sub-edit or proof read a tender document, I believe it’s not just my job as a tender writer to ensure the grammar and spelling are correct or even that all the points are clearly expressed. I consider that I should also make sure the structure and layout is presented to its full potential - so that the document looks as professional as it sounds. There are simple techniques I use, which are offered as functionality within Microsoft Word and Excel.

Creating unique headings as they scale down from the most important through subsequent importance is an effective way to structure the document - I can design unique headings for each. On the basis of the headings, a table of contents is easily constructed.

For all charts, diagrams and graphics, I always insert an automated caption number. This way you can slot in graphics anywhere in the tender document and Word automatically updates the figure numbers. This essentially adds unity to your document. If required, Word can also create a Table of Figures for ease of reference.

A consistant layout is essential for a terrific tender document.

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