Written from Experience

Writing as Creativity

Writing is a creative pursuit. So what is creativity and how does creative cross-fertilisation assist writers?

In my mind, being creative is self expression. It’s communicating ideas, thoughts or feelings to move, inspire or challenge others. If all forms of creativity are viewed as varying forms of communication, then it’s logical to assume that creative people can move between disciplines relatively easily. In my case, I’ve worked across several communication and creative fields.

I have a major in music from Sydney University. I studied harpsichord throughout high school and continue to play piano today. Throughout my university days and shortly after, I worked as a music director for theatre productions and as a theatre director. I also have university honours in theatre.

Working visually, I worked for several years for the Irish Broadcaster, RTÉ in Dublin and for several more years with the Australian public broadcaster, ABC.

By working within these creative pursuits, they all feed into each other. It’s all communications, with the aim of imparting a message to an audience. I firmly believe that by understanding multiple creative pursuits can only enrich the quality of work for them all.

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